Internal Medicine

Diabetes Care and Education

Lee’s Summit Internal Medicine is excited to have our Nurse Practitioner, Cindy Aldrige FNP, available to provide comprehensive diabetic education.  We have appointments available for any patient or family member that is newly diagnosed with diabetes, needs assistance getting their diabetes under control or is just interested in a refresher course.

There is a lot of misinformation about how to best control diabetes due to continually changing recommendations. Ongoing diabetic research coupled with a vast number of new diabetic medications changes recommendations from time to time.

Cindy can meet with you during an extended appointment time to discuss what diabetes is, diagnosing and treating diabetes, carbohydrate counting and diabetic diet instruction.  She will also review current diabetic standards including laboratory monitoring, immunizations, foot exams, and eye care.

Lee’s Summit Internal Medicine is your best resource to stay up to date with the latest medication treatment recommendations. We work with each patient to personalize a treatment plan based on their specific needs. Diabetes treatment is not a one size fits all approach.

So make your diabetic educations appointment today with our Nurse Practitioner, Cindy Aldrige FNP and take control of your diabetes.