Well Child Care

Pediatricians, along with parents, share responsibilities to promote the growth, development, and well-being of children. We are trained to recognize conditions that are simply variations of normal (and individuals vary greatly) and those that represent abnormalities.

The aim of well child care is to follow, in an organized manner, the growth and development of infants and children and, hopefully, to recognize early abnormalities that may occur at a time when solutions are more easily achieved. Through this method of care the pediatrician hopes to help parents help their children meet challenges to their physical, mental, and emotional integrity. Much of this falls in the realm of “preventive medicine.”

Well child care — especially for newborn, infant and pre-school children — affords the pediatrician a chance to answer your questions about your individual child’s progress and to help you as a parent be a trained observer of your child for developmental progress and signs of illness. The aim is for the pediatrician and parent to join in meeting the best interests of the child and help him to reach his full potential

We have provided links to discussions about the stages of childhood but these aren’t meant to replace the medical care and advice of your pediatrician.

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