Recently Launched New Springs Community Clinic is Helping Those in Need.

By Cindy Aldrige, F.N.P., Provider for Lee’s Summit Physicians Group

Cindy Aldrige, F.N.P.Hello! I’m Cindy Aldrige and I’m a Nurse Practitioner (FNP, MSN, APRN) at Lee’s Summit Physicians group. I will be writing here periodically in order to tell our story. There are so many good people that truly care about all our patients here in the office. There are so many stories that happen behind the scenes that are so compassionate that go unnoticed, or that employees don’t want to be recognized for.  Hopefully these stories will be an avenue for us to see the positive in a world full of positive, but that tends to only focus on the negative.

One of my first posts that I was excited to tell about is a new free health clinic here in Lee’s Summit. This facility is for those that may not have health insurance or finances to pay co-pays etc. The efforts of creating this clinic shows, that we have a community that is giving and truly cares about others simply because they are our neighbors. I volunteer my time at the clinic as a way to give back.

New Springs Community Clinic

New Springs Community Clinic

New Springs Community Church, located at 1800 NE Independence Avenue in Lee’s Summit, Missouri has graciously provided space for our clinic, resources and manpower. Pastor Corey McDonald checks in on us every clinic day and in the picture below, he is checking to see the volunteers that have signed up for the day. Dr. Laura Voss (pictured on left) is discussing the things that need to be done before the next clinic day. The clinic was featured in the Lee’s Summit Journal on April 17, 2018!

New Springs Community Clinic New Springs Community Clinic

A Calling

I’ve always had a tugging at my heart that, through the church, we should start providing for the needs of our community/neighbors. This is how healthcare was done from the beginning of time. Families caring for families and churches helping with those needs. I believe God provided me with the education and knowledge and ability to physically, emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically provide for those around me. I have a passion for trying to give back to the community in an effort to thank God for giving me these abilities and opportunities. This is why I choose to volunteer my time at New Springs Community Clinic.

I didn’t get any selfies of me at the clinic because I haven’t mastered the selfie yet! I promise that if you stop by the clinic, I will continue to be there on a rotating basis with the other volunteers helping out in whatever capacity is needed.

New Springs Community Clinic New Springs Community Clinic New Springs Community Clinic

The past two times I’ve volunteered, I was utilized as an RN checking patients in, getting vitals and coordinating rooming efforts, as well as being the phlebotomist (drawing the blood) for those that needed it. I encourage those that have the willingness to come serve with us to sign up on the website so we can get you plugged in for the upcoming months. (You can sign up here.)

Volunteering doesn’t take formal training because there are lots of needs. Having someone look after the children, or set out snacks or to greet people and ask them to fill out some paperwork is a very important part of making this clinic function properly and efficiently.

Other ways to help with the clinic is to donate time, supplies, or money. Our office donates sample medications and formula.

LSPG Gets Involved

Tina Lynn is an LPN on the pediatric side of LSPG and she is always looking for items that the free health clinic can use or that is overstocked at the office to give to those in need. George Kentner, Internal Medicine Supervisor at LSPG, is always looking for opportunities from drug reps to be able to get items donated to the free health clinic as well. Dr. Robb has also done her part in agreeing to be a collaborating physician for the clinic. Jody Brown, Executive Director, has been supportive and encouraging of this office taking part in our community efforts to help those around us.

For more information about New Springs Community Clinic, please visit their website.

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