Welcome to the new Lee’s Summit Physicians Group website!

Welcome to the new Lee’s Summit Physicians Group website! It had been a while since we last updated our website and felt it was time to review and revise our content. We also knew that it was important to make the website easier to navigate and mobile friendly.

We accomplished all of this while bringing our three physical locations into the same website location. Lee’s Summit Physicians Group Pediatrics, Raintree Pediatrics, Blue Springs Pediatrics and Lee’s Summit Physicians Group Internal Medicine all live at the same web address: www.lsphysicians.com.

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You can request an appointment from any page of our website by using the link in the top menu, right above our logo.
Request an Appointment


We put all of our forms into one centralized location to make it easier for you to find the appropriate forms to fill out before coming in for a scheduled visit. You can get to the forms by using the link in the top menu, right above our logo.


We combined the pediatric services and internal medicine services that we provide into a split menu. Simply hover over the services menu on the main navigation to see the various pediatric and internal medicine services we offer.

We hope you like the new website! If you have any trouble finding what you are looking for, please let us know.

Blue Gurus LogoWe partnered with a Kansas City company called Blue Gurus to create this new website. They have an interesting and effective way of doing web development. They did the work on-site, at our location, which made the process really efficient. The back and forth of text, image and color changes happened as we worked together. They were able to get the new site up and running within a month of our first web development day together.

Blue Gurus is also going to help us tell our stories through blogging! Be sure to check out our blog in the months to come… we will be telling stories on a weekly basis.

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