LSPG loves keeping GREEN and helping others in the community including Hope House.

By Cindy Aldrige, F.N.P., Provider for Lee’s Summit Physicians Group

Did you know we are GREEN here at LSPG? Not too many people know this. Our office is always looking for ways to help our community and to be GREEN.

Dr. Trites, Julie Gramlich and others help us recycle and stay earth friendly. Often, employees bring clothing/toys/books in for other employees to pick up to use so that they continue to get use and not just thrown away.

Hope House

Hope HouseAnother thing we do, is support Hope House with surplus lunch supplies. Darlene Barnard, Dr. Barnard’s wife, is always eager to come pick up extra and take it to our local Hope House. I asked Darlene one time, How did you get involved with hope house?

“When our youngest was in 5th grade (15 years ago), we had a Thanksgiving dinner at his school. We had a couple of extra roasted turkeys, and all the trimmings as leftovers. We had enough for over 30 meals. One of the parents had lost a friend to a domestic violence incident that year and had a connection at Hope House in Lee’s Summit.

She contacted the staff at Hope House and three car loads later-they had food for their clients. I’ve taken food and donations there ever since. I’m part of the Summer Lunch Program that delivers a sack lunch to school age children throughout Lee’s Summit, Greenwood and Raymore in areas of need. On Fridays I take the surplus sandwiches and food supplies to Hope House.”

LSPG is GREENDarlene and others at Lee’s Summit Physicians Group set a good example by donating time, items, food, clothing, etc. so that those in need can put those things to good use. When we donate, that allows organizations to spend their limited budget on other needs so that our community can truly benefit.

Darlene added that “Anyone can help by donating time to Uplift to deliver food to the homeless, sorting clothes or  food donations at LSSS, donating time at the local dog shelter or non-profit of their choice. Sharing a little of yourself to those in need is something I find worthwhile.”

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