Choosing Positivity – Deep Thoughts by Cindy Aldrige, F.N.P.

Cindy Aldrige, F.N.P.By Cindy Aldrige, F.N.P., Provider for Lee’s Summit Physicians Group

One theme I’ve noticed amid all the COVID stuff is that we’ve lost our ability to choose positivity.

You may not be able to control situations, but you do have a choice on how you respond to them.

Choosing Positivity

  • Turning off the TV
  • Avoiding social media
  • Skipping Google research and going outside to listen to the birds
  • Counting our blessings for what we still have

It’s important to speak positive words and share positive topics around our children and those suffering from severe stress and anxiety. And it doesn’t take money or time to choose to focus on the good things around us.

So many of my patients want to hear someone speak calm words of reassurance and hope instead of just prescriptions for pills and diagnosis. Think how contagious that would be if we all spoke affirming words around each other rather than the negative ones.

Saturday Night Live used to have a series of “Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy”. We could use more of those silly perspectives despite how corny those skits were.

Our attitude has a big impact on our immune system and mental health.

Deep Thoughts by Cindy Aldrige, F.N.P.We need to concentrate on staying healthy in this chaotic world. We should focus on the fact that we were given a gift. The gift was a year watching our kids grow up without the disruption of practices, after school events and carpools. This pandemic started well before we celebrate some major holidays. We’ve had time to learn how to get together safely and to social distance.

Please feed your heart and your brain more positive information and influences. Your health will benefit from it.

Thank you for reading Deep Thoughts by Cindy Aldrige, F.N.P.

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